The Perfect Gun Dog Gets Them Used To Loud Sounds When They Are Puppies

Hunting a bird would not be complete without a dog that can help in retrieving the bird. However, it is not that easy to train a dog for hunting because this animal is not comfortable with loud noise. That is why it is important to take enough time before the dog becomes ready for hunting and hear the sound of gun.

It is important to let your dog accustomed with the gunfire in order to avoid becoming gun shy or jittery to loud noises. Such behavior of a dog cannot be easily corrected. This makes sense of introducing your dog that the gunfire sounds gradually and at the same time makes positive associations. This process is not just about firing a gun near the dog and giving a treat. It is because your pet will not be able to acclimatize with louder sounds easily. In fact, some dog owners are doing common mistakes while training their dogs gets used of gunfire sound. Great on line pet store for shock collars etc.

As much as possible, you should acclimatize your puppy to loud sounds as early as its age. This process would take more time, and you should not hurry in working up. As you start the process, it is important to begin with softer sound at a distant. It is not right firing a gun near the dog just to determine if it is gun shy. Keep in mind that this behavior is not on the genes, but it is the result of bad training. You can buy a replacement Invisible fence collars here.

Although it can help to take the dog to a firing range, you still have to make sure that it is not the first time your dog hear gunfire sound. Otherwise, it will traumatize your pet that may lead to gun shy. Likewise, it is not ideal to take your dog out hunting without introducing it properly to gunfire. Indeed, it is necessary to avoid the common mistakes in getting used your dog to loud noise such as the gunfire sound. Visit for great deals on various electric dog fence supplies.


Effective Training Process


Following the appropriate training steps deliberately can help your pup in getting used to the sound of gunfire and avoiding becoming gun shy.


Step 1. Do not control your dog within its electric dog fence. Instead, take your dog to the field so that it can interact with live animals. This is the easiest way of determining their enthusiasm about chasing and retrieving. You can make use of artificial noise so that you will know if it can create positive associations.


Step 2. Start with soft sound from a distance. Ideally, you should introduce the sound of a gunshot while the dog is running around or chasing a bird. If you notice adverse reaction from your dog, then you should stop it and try again later. Increase the sound and at the same time move closer until such time that you can make gunfire nearby without causing the dog to startle.


Step 3. Every time you want to increase to louder gunshot, make sure to start from a distance. Keep in mind that in order to obtain the best results, you should do the process gradually.


Moreover, just like any other dog trainings, it is important to ensure that your pet knows the basic obedience skills such as sitting or keeping attention when called upon. Likewise, the dog should also know how to control behavior. This is important especially if you will train your dog for hunting. Otherwise, if the dog runs off quickly it may lead to shooting disaster.


Additionally, it is also required to have the necessary equipment particularly the gun. You can use a handgun in starting the process and push through with bigger guns. It is also necessary to have a close look with your dog throughout the process so that you will know if your pup is getting used with the process. You should fire a shot while your dog is chasing your hunt. In this way,  you will know if the attention of the dog is maintained.

Noticing that your dog is ignoring the sound of the gunfire would means that it is ready to take along during hunting seasons. See to it that the dog would understand that the sound of the gunfire is associated when chasing something and while he is having a good time. On the other hand, if the dog is pointing to flush the birds, you should allow it to chase off before firing the gun.


Since you will be using a gun, you should also consider keeping your pet safe. Immersing your pet with a group of dogs accustomed with the gunfire sound is another way of preventing gun shyness. It can also help to your dog rebuild confidence. Training should not end on acclimatizing your dog to loud sounds. Rather, it should be an ongoing experience so that they will learn new abilities and at the same time make some improvements. This way you can expect for better results.








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